Rhythmanalysis: Live, Work, Grow in Havana
Citation —
Fitzgerald, Susan. 2021. “Rhythmanalysis: Live, Work, Grow in Havana, Cuba.” 27th World Congress of Architects UIA 2021 RIO. All the Worlds. Just One World, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the Vulnerabilities and Inequalities stream, July 2021. Peer reviewed. Held on-line.
Description —
Architects from every continent, ranging from renowned names to new talents, practitioners, researchers and thinkers about urban environments, students, builders, social movements, technology and innovation companies, academic and multilateral institutions, political entities, all are invited to share experiences related to constructing the spaces where social life takes place.
The public health crisis currently sweeping the world has highlighted the interdependence of economics, politics, society, the environment, and the city. Like a premonition, this interdependence was underscored in the theme of the 27th World Congress of Architects. More than ever, it is vital to understand that we are living in the same era and sharing the same planet.
There is a good likelihood that this calamity will give rise to City 21: aware of the environment and the climate, seeking good spaces, lessening intra-urban inequalities and focused on citizens.
This project studies the rhythms of everyday life surrounding a site of urban agriculture as a method for thinking about urban futures in the city of Havana, Cuba. Such sites are located throughout the country in response to food scarcity. They are often situated on sites of building collapse. These sites offer possibilities for re-thinking the city that can only be fully appreciated through the studying the everyday activities surrounding these sites. 
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