Description —
Spaces associated with the production of waste, water, energy, and food are typically only recognized as important for the services and commodities they produce, rather than the social equity they represent. The Hidden Social Dimension of Infrastructure, aims to uncover qualities of infrastructural spaces that enable societal, cultural, and environmental exchange. We ask if infrastructures can foster a culture of care for the resources delivered by these systems and communities in which they are located.
This project involves studying built-environments associated with of food, water, energy, and waste. These spaces are typically thought of as technical artefacts—only recognized as important for the services and commodities they produce—rather than their social equity.

Team —
Dalhousie University
Susan Fitzgerald, Principal Investigator
Stavros Kondeas, Research Assistant
Brendan Roworth, Research Assistant
Rita Wang, Research Assistant

Concordia University
Carmela Cucuzzella, Co-Applicant
Fatima Mehrzad, Research Assistant
Golriz Farzamfar, Research Assistant
Mark Filipowich, Research Assistant

Past: Lizzie Krnjevic (2022)

Funding —
Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Timeline —
2022 - 2025
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